Career Strides – Episode 3: The EMPLOYED Graduate

We have heard from the frustrated unemployed grad and dived into the mind of hiring managers, but what does the EMPLOYED grad have to say about Mehvish Mushtaq’s concerns and Rosy Sethi’s advice?

Today, you will hear a short interview with Maham Mahmood, an alumni from the Schulich School of Business and recently employed Pepsi Sales Representative.

0:01 Introduction

0:37 Welcoming my guest, Maham Mahmood

0:45 Maham Mahmood’s thoughts about the previous two podcasts

1:04 Maham Mahmood describes her job search experience and any helpful tips she learned after successfully landing a job.

1:43 Benefits of creating a business card and the importance of branding yourself

2:48 University DID teach me these skills

3:54 Sometimes it is okay to be informal with a potential employer

3:12 Final tips for the unemployed grad

4:34 Thank You’s & Sign Out

Podcast theme music is “Absolutely Uplifting” by AudioJungle.
Image source: Google (The Higher Education)


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