Career Strides – Episode 2: A Look Into The Minds Of Hiring Managers

You hear it all the time, a university degree is pretty much a must these days in the workforce. But employers often complain that today’s graduates just aren’t cutting it.

So, this begs the question: What are they looking for in university students and recent graduates in the marketplace ?

In this 5-minute podcast, you will hear my conversation with Rosy Sethi, a Human Resource Manager of 7 years, who will take us into the minds of hiring managers.

Show Notes:

0:01 Introduction

0:24 The number of jobs available is expected to rise

0:45 Introduction to my guest, Rosy Sethi

0:58 What characteristics are hiring managers looking for in applicants?

1:33 Where is a good place for students to begin gaining experience?

2:05 Misconceptions students have about getting a job in their field

3:22 Is getting a Masters Degree beneficial?

3:49 Final tips

4:27 Leave a comment on the show blog. Do you agree? Do you have any additional tips?

4:38 Join me on April 4th for the final episode of Career Strides, where I’ll be talking to Maham Mahmood about her recent job search experience.

4:50 Thank You’s and Sign Out

Podcast theme music is “Absolutely Uplifting” by AudioJungle.
Image source: Google (5 Small Things That Make a Big Difference to Hiring Managers)

Graduate vacancies set to rise by 10.2%

Hiring college graduates and entry level positions

Hiring managers believe new college are unprepared for the workforce

What do employers really care about when hiring new grads?



  1. I thought that your voice was clear, and you enunciated everything very well. I enjoyed your interview a lot, and it was very insightful to get a point of view which students don’t normally get to hear.

    I thought your questions were great ones to ask, and you definitely made your interviewee comfortable, and she elaborated on each question with ease.

  2. I never really considered getting a job in the field BEFORE getting a graduate degree, but the points that your interviewee brings forward make it seem like a really reasonable. I liked the enthusiasm in your voice and the music that was used at the beginning and end of the podcast because it doesn’t distract from your tone or any of the points being made.

    I also liked the relevance of this podcast to your series theme overall, and how it actually helps listeners who are interested and gives them advice.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I really liked your interlude of music after your intro. You are very expressive and use your voice to intrigue us to listen further. I thought it was awesome that you had an actual manager come in and interview. It adds to the credibility of your podcast. Your podcast sounded very measured and planned. You got us the information we needed, and did not sidetrack. This podcast is wonderfully applicable to all of us in the class, and so I appreciated a real look inside the mind of a manager, not just based on research and hypothesis but actual personal interview. Thanks!

  4. I like the overall topic. VERY INFORMATIVE. The post made me take notes and really pay attention. The pace and tone was very formal which fit the aesthetic of the post and podcast topic.

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