Career Strides – Episode 1: The Unemployed Graduate

This is the first episode of a three part podcast series about what university students and recent graduates think they need to beat out the competition and secure a job after graduation.

In this 5-minute podcast, you will hear my conversation with Mehvish Mushtaq, a soon-to-be graduate from Ryerson University, who is finding it extremely difficult to get hired or even land an interview, despite having completed the “standard student checklist”.

Can you relate? If so, take a listen!

Show notes:

0:01 Welcome and introduction

0:27 The struggle university students and recent graduates are currently facing in the job market

0:57 Introduction to my guest, Mehvish Mushtaq

1:12 Interview with Mehvish Mushtaq

3:41 The gap between what university produces to what employers want is widening

4:08 Send comments to suezan dot makkar at gmail dot com or post them here on the show blog

4:24 Join me on March 28th for the second episode to this three part podcast series, where I will be talking to Rosy Sethi, a Human Resource Manager, about what employers are looking for in new grads in the marketplace

4:36 Thank You’s and Sign Out

Podcast theme music is “Absolutely Uplifting” by AudioJungle.

Students think they are prepare; hiring managers think not

The myth of the unemployed university graduate

Time to bust myths about youth unemployment: Kathleen Wynne

Why are so many of Canada’s young people out of work?

Why can’t today’s graduates get hired?



  1. Hi Suezan,

    Your podcast topic really fits where I am in my life right now! I’m graduating soon with no job in sight.

    I like how you mixed statistics with the podcast. Your voice is stable and nice to listen to. Your interview sounds very natural. I like your probing questions. The entire podcast has very good pacing. In the end, you even asked for feedback and interaction by providing your email!

    There are a couple things that you could improve on for the next podcast. Certain parts has audio problems (suddenly skip), I’m sure you are aware of that. Your interview ends abrubtly but is followed by a short silence. I think you could stretch out the ending a bit to let your voice breath. Some parts you sound like you are reading.

    Overall, I really enjoyed your podcast! I thought it was relatable, nice to listen to, and concise! Good job!

    Sherry Yu

  2. Hey Suezan!

    Your podcast is amazing! While listening, I got a real professional vibe from it. From the vibrant introduction music, your upbeat voice, your questions, your interview with Mehvish, and your outro, makes it feel really legit.

    I really enjoyed it and I look forward to listening to the next episode!

    All the best 🙂

  3. Hey Suezan,

    I really enjoyed the topic you chose for the podcast in that it is extremely relevant to everyone in our class with graduation and job searching coming up on the horizon.

    The podcast as a whole, as Jena mentioned above, has an extremely professional vibe, particularly the continuous flow of the recording, giving the impression it was all recorded in one go.

    The pacing and volume of your speaking also contributes to this professional polish, along with the excellent integration of intro and outro music.

    I’m very much looking forward to listening in on the next episode, particularly to hear what the Human Resources manager has to say as well as to see what else you bring to the table.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Suezan, this is an amazingly well put together podcast! It sounds so professional, especially with your interview and your tone of voice. You sound very confident and knowledgeable about your topic and it shows through in the leading questions that you ask your interviewee as well as the statistics you include in the podcast. I also liked how you included probing questions after your interview and aimed them towards the listener along with asking them to give YOU feedback. It makes it so the listener will continue thinking about the podcast even after it’s over which is something I think everyone should aim for in their podcasts. I found myself relating really easily to this topic as well since this is where I am going to be in my life in about two weeks. Graduated and looking for a job.

    While it did sound a little scripted at some points, I think you can improve that in later podcasts, but overall this was awesome to listen to! I really can’t wait for your next one. 😀

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