Month: January 2014

Beyond The To Do List – Episode BTTDLO51 With Chris Lucurto

Week 3
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Episode: Personality Styles: Chris Lucurto On Communicating Between Different Personalities

Beyond The To Do List, a podcast hosted by Erik Fisher, is all about perspectives on personal productivity. The episode I chose to listen to was with guest speaker Chris Lucurto, who talks about the importance of understanding personality profiles. As soon-to-be graduates, this podcast would be useful to listen to, in order to be successful in the work place and by extension at home as well. According to Lucurto, we often fail because we communicate to others how we would like to be communicated to. The problem is not the other person, but you. The biggest takeaway from Lucurto’s podcast is the reminder that we do not have to try and change our personality to match others in order to work well with them, but instead learn how to best understand and communicate with each other.



Hearing vs. Listening

The Power of Smart Listening, written by Anne Murphy Paul, explains to readers the difference between hearing and listening. According to Paul, “to get the most out of what we hear, we must be active listeners” (2011). Here is where the problem lies. I am a “passive listener” – I listen without reacting and fail to make sense of words. This may be the reason why I still don’t know how to speak Multani, a dialect of Punjabi and the language most spoken at home. However, in an attempt to learn Multani, I put Paul’s teachings to practice this past week. I started to listen more attentively to the conversations between my parents, siblings and relatives. I make predictions of what the speaker will say, and if I don’t understand, I try to interpret what the words might mean based on both the subject and context of the talk. I never paid much attention to the way I listened or made it a goal to be focused before; however, since becoming an active listener I have increased not only my knowledge but also understanding of the language.

Like Paul mentioned in the beginning of the article, learning a new language is difficult, but we must take the steps to listen to words instead of just passively hearing them.